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challenge what you've been told about people

culture is a constantly evolving paradigm

don't believe everything you see on the news & social media

experience is the best teacher

people are mostly taught fear and can learn to be accepting

every country has good and bad people

if one bad experience ruined perspective, then no one would ever ride a bike

the problem is not "A few have all the power"
the problem is "The many are too distracted fighting each other"

true love is unconditional - the same a mother has for her child as a man has for his brother, you don't change the people you love, you encourage them to grow, and trust them to guide your growth

a kind act can manifest millions more

you are just a product of your life experiences, just like everyone else

MIX More

judge less

culture exchange is the seed for culture progression

Culture X is a global culture for everyone who wants peace, tolerance, and cohesion
MIXLife - Culture X
A Socializing Network Connecting Cultures
Public platform where people can Find & Make MIXs in a city they live, or a city they're traveling to.
Private space for companies & universities to connect their members using the MIX Model.
NGOs & Nonprofits can promote volunteer opportunities, strengthening "Orgs" CSR.

The "Bubble" Team

MIX Movement team members are encouraged to poke inside eachother's projects
to offer critiques and ideas. The only reason it works is because the
team is curated using EIQ as the foundation for consideration.

The most recent addition to the team is respected and embraced
as equally as the Founder and C-Level Team Members.

We're All Connected.
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Charlotte, NC
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Back-End Developer
Astoria, New York
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Original Content
Michigan, USA
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