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What Mods Say:
We all have such great traits and skills that we can bring to the table, part of what is so exciting, is to watch as these things reveal themselves!
MIXing Berlin
I love traveling, and when I do not travel...I like to talk about traveling! I am happy to participate and to make a connection between different people and cultures.
MIXing Amsterdam
I'm always excited to make connections with other people who I can learn from about the world we all share. I especially love that with this we have an opportunity to make travel more impactful and sustainable by giving both locals and travelers an opportunity to engage with each other.
MIXing Porto
By traveling we understand that "we're all the same" is not a cliche... there is but one family under the sky. Not everyone has the possibility to travel. So with MIX Movement we can bring the "travel" to those people. We travel not to see another mountain or building but to know other cultures.
MIXing Lisbon
How To Be A Mod
Apply or Be Invited
Friends with a mod? Ask for an invite!
If not, fill out the Mod Application.We
will schedule a video-chat with you.
Find An Event / Choose An Activity
You choose the date, time, location and theme
of the MIX you want to organize.

Make sure it's something YOU like to do!
and Fill Out The "Make A MIX" Form
Fill in the blanks and submit. We will create a custom landing page for your MIX, and post it on our MeetUp & Facebook channels to inspire participation.
Day Of The MIX
Plan to be at your MIX Meeting Spot 15 minutes
BEFORE your MIX Starts.

Guide the Intro-X "Official Introductions", it's the most
important part of the MIX!

Have Fun!
Close The MIX
Thank everyone for coming, and ask them to
fill out the e-mail survey!
MIX Your Hobbies!
When choosing an activity to do, or an event to go to, make sure it's something that YOU like, not what you think people will like!
How To Moderate The "Intro-X"
1. After everyone has arrived, just tell them "Let's do the Intro-X! It's a simple ice-breaker, I'll start, OK?!"
2. Say your name, and say thank you to everyone for coming. You don't have to explain MIX Movement, no problem! Just tell people why you like the theme of this MIX "I love photography, I've been doing it fo X amount of years and I feel like it's a great way to get to know a new city!" What about you!

Then go around the group and ask the people what they like about the day's event or activity. THEN

Come prepared with at least 2 questions that connect the participants with a previous feeling while doing a similar activity or going to a similar event.

For example:
What's your earliest childhood memory of **********
When's the last time you saw a ******* which moved you?

This is where the participants can build a connection with each other on a much deeper level. People are able to connect based off of previous experiences. It's OK to ask everyone the same question, just try it!
How To "Close The MIX"
"Thank you everyone for coming to my MIX! It's so important to connect cultures, and our hobbies are the best way to do that! So, please stay connected with the MIX Movement, maybe even organize your own MIX! I will leave a comment on Couchsurfing, Facbeook & MeetUP with a link today's group photo. There, you can find more info about MIX Movement!"
My Question Isn't Here!
We're crazy fast at getting back to people with questions, and we need to have this Q&A area get bigger! Please send us a message to with your questions, comments & critiques!
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