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Indian Dinner MIX
Monday, July 8, 2019
19:00 to 21:30
Hi, I'm Richard! I have not eaten Indian food in a LONG time and my friend asked if I wanted to join her and her husband at a spot they love.

We all love MIXs, and want to meet new and interesting people, so we're making a mix out of it! Come and eat with us and let's talk about FOOD!

Looking forward to meeting you :)
-MIX Agenda-
19:00 / Find the Organizer (ME!)
19:15 / MIXperience & Order The Food
20:00 / Our meal should be in front of us already.
21::30 Official Close of the MIX

To find me:
Just ask the host for the MIX

Expected Costs:
It's Free to MIX - But this is a restaurant and you should consume something. I hear with 10 Euros, you should be good to go!

Gandhi Palace Restaurant
Rua Douradores Loja 173,
1100-205 Lisboa
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The first 15 minutes are a window to allow allow everyone to find the mod, and do simple introductions.
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Everyone will have around 5 minutes to share stories, experiences, and knowledge about the theme.
Activity / Event
Now that you have broken the ice and absorbed some new perspectives from people from different backgrounds, go do what you love with them!
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