The MIX Movement
Team Culture
Learn - Share - Grow
Impact Industry
MIX Movement team members are excited to do what they love, sharing their skills, education, and experience to have a lasting positive impact on the world.
Invaluable Work Experience
Team members are encouraged to use their creativity, intuition, and resourcefulness. Everyone is guided to be a leader, simply by taking care of each other.
Profit Sharing
MIX Movement believes there is no better investment than in the team which makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit well.
Team's Dreams
Team members have a space to share their dreams. Everyone at MIX Movement makes an effort to help one another reach their personal and professional goals.
10% Rule
The power of learning and growing is as priceless as time itself. Team members are encouraged to use 10% of their committed time, to learn anything they want.
Virtual MIXs
At least once a month, team members are encouraged to participate in fun team Virtual MIXs, to engage their fellow team members who love what you love!
Flexibly Focused
A Framework for Productivity Flow our team uses to work remotely, manage tasks, priorities, and a healthy work-life balance.
The MIX Movement team is passionate about making cultural exchange accessible, intriguing and entertaining. We're advocating for cultural tolerance.
Project Management
We've worked hard, so you can keep it simple.
Goals, Goals, Goals!
Each team member has their own Goals board where they manage their tasks. It's part of our "Flexibly Focused Framework for Productivity Flow".
Trello Team
We're very organized, which makes it super easy for our team members to plug in, absorb what's next, check notes from fellow team members, and flow!
Communication is key! Trello is used to share notes directly associated with projects and tasks, Slack is for broader exchanges, sharing ideas, critiques and organizing exchanges.

The "Bubble" Team

MIX Movement team members are encouraged to poke inside each other's projects
to offer critiques and ideas. The only reason it works so well is because the
team is curated using EIQ as the foundation for consideration.

The most recent addition to the team is respected and embraced
as equally as the Founder and C-Level Team Members.

We're All Connected.
Click on Title to Open LinkedIn Profile.
Richard Kappel
Philip Walls
San Francisco
Phil Becquet
Anastasia Petrova
Thiago Ferreira
Jennifer Gingras
Graphic Design
Manchester, NH
Cinzi Petio
Community Manager
Louvain-la-Neuve Louvain, Belgium
Emily Saturnino
Thuy Tran
Raian Andrades
Miao Li
Front-End Web Dev
Charlotte, NC
André Ferreira
George Najm
Back-End Developer
Astoria, New York
Shreedhar R
Ulysse Coates
What We're Looking For
Time Commitment
Collaborators offer a minimum of 5 hours a week, for a minimum of 3 months.
Team members must be able to manage their emotions, speak in an assertive, clear and proactive way, and listen astutely.
The primary reason for each team member's participation is the idea MIXing cultures can change the world. Team members are passionate about making "MIX" as well known as CocaCola. Image what would happen...
MIX Movement is a young and ambitious organization with as many horizontal opportunities as vertical ones. The longer a team member is with MIX Movement, the larger piece of the 1st profit sharing pool they will receive.

Currently, there are no hourly or salary paid positions available. Our collaborators will be at the top of the list for consideration when resources become available.

For more detailed information regarding the profit sharing program, you can set up a video-chat after filling out an application.
Full-Stack Web Dev
Python and Django
HTML, CSS and javascript
Postgres database
Git version control
Experience with automated testing
Design patterns
Devops practices
Find relative content and share it on our social media channels; manage the e-mail newsletter, and develop other tasks in our brand strategy.
Community Managers
Help us take care of and grow the MIX Movement community!
Media Manager
Collaborate with Anastasia our Culture Curator to produce & edit video content for training & promotional use.
Graphic Design
UX Design
Work directly with our Brand Director, Emily! Help turn the brand strategy into an actual work of art. For the UX, a REAL challenge of setting up proper, simple flows.
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