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Food Recipe Sharing
Virtual MIX
Saturda, April 18, 2020
11:45 to 12:30
Lisbon Time Zone
My name is Richard, and I'm organizing this MIX because I love cooking and I have a great recipe to share, and I want yours! ;p

MIXPerience Questions:
1. Where did your joy for cooking come from?

2. What's your favorite style of cooking (baking, stovetop, raw, etc.) and why? (Have any tips!?)

3. Can you remember a time you used cooking to solve a problem?
Mutual Interest eXchanges
Maximum of 6 Participants
Small groups are meant for meaningful exchanges.
No more than 3 participants from the same country.
MIX Theme

Recipe sharing Virtual MIXs, Photography Walk Activity MIXs, or go together to an MMA Event MIXs. Up to you!
Organized by (Mod)erators
Anyone can organize a MIX. Mods are the facilitators and are in charge of asking meaningful questions.
How To MIX
1 - Be On Time!
Actually, try to be early, just in case something happens!

Virtual MIXs are between 30-45 minutes, being late means you miss a lot!
2 - The MIXPerience
This is the essence of every MIX. The Organizer (Mod) will prepare a few engaging questions to break the ice.

You will see the questions they plan to ask in each event description, before you reserve to MIX. Come with some questions of your own, too!
3 - Do Activity / Exchange
Some MIXs will be be focused on verbal exchanges, others will include an activity. For example, a Tea MIX could be a nice chat about your favorite teas, or it can be an activity to visit several Tea House locations!
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