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Creativity-Life Macro MIX
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
19:00 to 21:00
Helton, Florence and myself want to know:
What does creativity mean to you? What's your earliest childhood memory of creating something? When's the last time you saw something you felt was super creative, and what was it?!

Whether you consider yourself an artist or someone who is not creative at all, doesn't matter; I'm interested to know what you think about creativity!

Come share your experiences, feelings and even tips about crativity! Absorb the perspectives of others from different parts of the world, backgrounds and more!
-MIX Agenda-
19:00 :: Mingle
19:20 :: We break the large group into smaller groups of up to 8 people for MIXperiences!
19:50 :: We mix the groups up for fresh perspectives!
20:20 :: Back to a large group to socialize with your new connections
21:00 :: Official close of the MIX

The MIX Meeting Spot:
Selina Secret Garden

To Find Me:

Expected Costs:
Free! Bring your own beverages & snacks! NO drinks or snacks are sold here! There are a couple little markets on the same street :)
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Mutual Interest eXchanges
Maximum of 8 Participants
Small groups allow for a meaningful experience. A maximum of 4 Natives,
Expats and Travelers
per MIX for cultural diversity.
Located In
Public Spaces

For peace of mind, MIXs are only in parks, cultural/social centers, concert halls, sports stadiums, hostels,
colleges/universities, etc
Organized by Moderators
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The MIX Flow
Whether it's a Photography Walk MIX activity in Berlin
or going to a Football Match MIX event in Beijing
The "MIX Flow" goes like this:
Find The Mod
MIXs are never more than 8 people, so you will always meet the person who is organizing the MIX, who we call, the Moderator (Mod).

The first 15 minutes are a window to allow allow everyone to find the mod, and do simple introductions.
Want To Organize A MIX?
The MIXPerience
This is the essence of every MIX. The Mod will come prepared with a few engaging questions to get everyone talking about the theme of the MIX.

Everyone will have around 5 minutes to share stories, experiences, and knowledge about the theme.
Activity / Event
Now that you have broken the ice and absorbed some new perspectives from people from different backgrounds, go do what you love with them!
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